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Devon Ke Dev mahadev Life OK Tv Show Songs Free Download

Devo Ke Dev...Mahadev is a Hindu mythological drama televised on Life OK Channel. It premiered on December 18, 2011 and airs every weekday at 8:00 p.m. (IST). The program showcases the story of Lord Shiva and Sati, the first incarnation of his consort Goddess Shakti. The show portrays Shiv's journey from being a celibate hermit to a householder. Sati who is drawn to Shiv against her father's wishes. An extensive story from Sati's point of view follows, showcasing how she falls in love with Shiv. The serial was earlier titled Sati for Star Plus, but was then handed over to Life OK, a new channel. The series currently holds the highest TRP ratings on television among all currently-airing mythological sagas. The show is doing very well and gained 2.3 trp rating on 23rd may 2012 , and it beat Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati bhava? which also airs on Life OK.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Mahadev Life Ok (DKDM) 18th July 2012 Hindi Written Update

Part 1
episode shuru hota hai parvati aur mahadev ke saath . parvati kehti hai ki ve unke saath nahin aa sakthi . unke sati roop avatar aur mahadev ka gandharva vivaah hua tha aur vah apurn tha aur vah sampurn vivaah chahthi hai aur sampurn vivaah mahadev ko purn tarah se vairagya se grihasth jeevan mein le jaayega . mahadev iska aarth poochtein hain . parvati phir samjathi hai ki mena aur himavat ko aaj tak unke kisi bhi putri ke vidai ka avsar nahin mila hai . mahadev parvati ke sharth ko swikaarthe hain aur parvati ko unki aabharan lautatein hain . parvati bahar chali jaati hai vahan nandi ke poochne par ve batati hai ki unki tapasya toh safal ho gayi par aab mahadev ko unhe paane ke liye tapasya karna padega aur ye kehte hue ve wahan se chali jaati hai . brahma aur vishnu vahaan aatein hai aur mahadev aur parvati ke purn milan ke liye khush hotein hai . mahadev rati ko vardaan dene ke liye chale jatein hai . dusri ore tarakasur kehta hai ki aaj se saare manushya uski pooja karenge . parvati mahal lauti hai aur aapne tapasya ki safaltha ke bareme kehti hai aur kehti hai ki mahadev swayam unka haath maangne aayenge..
Part 2
mahadev rati ke paas jatein hai aur unhe vardaan detein hai . vardaan mein rati kamdev ke punar jeevat hone ke liye mangthe hain . mahadev kamdev ko punar jeevith kartein hain . dusri ore tarakasur ke asur sena saare rishivar ko maar rahein hai aur unhe kehtein hai ki unhe aab se tarasur ki pooja karna padega . ek rishi unka virodh kartein hai aur asur unhe maar dethein hai aur dusre saare rishi darke taraksur ji jai kartein hai . dusri ore mahadev kailash aatein hain aur vahaan sab pehle jaise bana detein hai aur kailash mein vapas aapna jeevan shuru kartein hai .
PRECAP - mahadev parvati ka haath maangne ke liye ek dusre roop mein aatein hai aur parvati ko mahadev ke aagman ka abhaas hota hai aur ve khush ho jaati hain
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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 27th July 2012 Written Update

Kailash is about to witness the Haldi ceremony of Mahadev. Rishi Dhadhich asks Nandi whether the Prayats are ready with the Bhasm.
Nandi says "As I'm anyway going to your ashram to bring the Devas , I'll bring the Haldi on my way back here..."

Mahadev stops Nandi who was about to leave for Rishi Dhadhichi's ashrma..

" Haldi (Turmeric)is used for bringing glow on one's body, But for me there is nothing more pure than the ashes...I'll begin this ritual by applying ashes on myself." Mahadev explains.

Rishi Dhahdich puts the ash as haldi on to Mahadev's body
Then all the saptarishi's follow the same..and apply ash to Shiva.

Back at Himavan's place..Menavati is troubled for the events that have occurred that day..seeing this Paravthi goes to her.

Menavati says that"Shiva is very different from us , and I am not listening to any of your excuses."

Parvathi saying "But mother , Shiva has not done anything against the code of conduct..."
"Even after seeing the animal skin along with the say the same thing?" a surprised Menavati.

Paravthi reminds her that Mahadev is one of teh Gods in the Trinity (Tridev) and how there is always a reason behind Lord Vishnu's work likewise ,even Mahadev does things which has some deeper n broader prospect.
Parvathi continues ..."Shiva has no doubt sent the shagun , but he , by sending the dhatura flowers n animal skin ,he has tried to enlighten us on a very essential thing in life-clothes , jewellery , gifts are important but one thing that we shouldn't forget is that nothing is permanent. One which is born has to perish someday...including us. "

Even after hearing that enlightening truth Menavati is still stuck in the HALDI!!!
( tsk tsk tskShocked)

Parvathi then assures her that Haldi will be sent soon... and also that she would not regret ever making Mahadev her Son-In-Law.

Rishi Dhadhich's ashram...All the Devtas are feeling sad ,as they wont be able to witness the biggest feat ever on earth - ie Mahadev and Paravthi's wedding.

They ask Indr dev to do something about the issue at hand...but Indr, himself is worried about Takki ,that the moment they step out of the ashram,they will be attacked by him.

Dev guru suggest that there is only one way prayer..praying Mahadev is the only resort.

Mahadev tells Nandi that he has to go now, as Devtas are waiting for him at Rsihi Dhahdich's ashram.
Mr Groom is super excited about the leas seems likeLOL

At swarg lok
Chakri infrom Takki that " Deva's are leaving the ashram along with Nandi..Under Nandi's protection the devas will coming out and that would be the apt time for us to attack them."
Chakri is skeptical about Nandi's powers...

Shukracharya says "If Mahadev has given this responsibility to Nandi ,it would be our ignorance to ignore his capability n valor Tarakasur! "

" But we dont have any measure of Nandi's war skills...but then its ok, we can fight Nandi on one side and we can try to attack the devas." suggests Chakri.

"Try?!? Trying is not enough ! This time devtas shouldn't be given any chance to escape..I myself will go there.From this day these Devtas will remain as fiction characters in folktales." Takki throwing the wine glass in frustration listening the TRY talk by Chakri.

Himvan's place:
Himvan and Parvathi are at the palace temple of Lord Vishnu..Himvan says that its mandatory to take the blessings of the main deity(Isht devta) before staring an endeavor.
Nani is supper vexed by the fact that Haldi has still not arrived from the groom's place and she complaints about the same.

Himvan ignores her and asks the raj guru to carry on the pooja.

Where as all the devtas are chanting the name of Shiva ,in order to please him so that they can get to attend the wedding.
No sooner they do that..Nandi arrives and informs them that he has come to take them to the wedding safely!
( Mere prabhune ap sab ki prarthna sweekar karlii) aww that was super sweet
(One doubt!!! the other day, when they met Mahadev..why didnt they feel the need of security ??Confused )
They all feel happy to know that they can now attend the wedding..but then they doubt that meanwhile if Takki attacks them..
Nandi says that "You dnt need to worry ...till the time I'm alive nobody can do anything to you all.Please hurry up, My master is being adorned with haldi ,..i mean ash , we have to be there before the ceremony ends."

The devas follow they walk through a barren land..a dusty blow of wind blinds them and they see the asuras emerging from the dust..

Nandi stands firmly in front of the asuras..walling the devas..
Devas are scared and Takki daddy has an evil grin on his face
which says *at last we meet*LOL

Takki thanks Nandi, that he has brought the devas out of the ashram..which could bot be done by any of his asur men.
Takki says that he would kill the devas and will gain the total control of swarglok..

Nandi says " you wicked one!! nobody can ever touch the devas as long as I am alive. "
Takkiasks Nandi to back off n not to create any hurdles in their way.
Nandi replies "You have crossed our way and are trying to vault..let us go in peace. "

Takki calls in for a war!

Nandi wears a fierce look seein Takki n his gang..
Takki announces that its a war ..and who ever comes in between the devas n asuras in this war..he would kill them too.



Mahadev is furious to see Nandi dead and is determined to destroy the swarg lok..and he even lifts the trishul up to do so .

Cradit: Written By - Killer_Shark
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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 26th July 2012 Written Update

The episode begins Mahadev sitting with the Vadu Paksh and all the rishis waiting for food.Nandi and the ganas are worried,not only beacuse they didnt expect the guests to stay for bhojan but beacuse none of them know how to cook.The Ganas and Nandi try to put together a meal(i.e they are putting anything they get thier hands on in a potLOL) creating chaos.Nanimas Chamcha(yeah thats what im going to call that dudeDead) tells amatya that they must not have food ready and says hell go and check.Mahadev overhears the conversation and sweety tells them that he will check himself.Mahadev arrives and sees plain chaos,and all the ganas express thier helplessness on not being able to do anything.Mahadev smiles and says they dont need to do anything,Parvatis Patra will help themEmbarrassed.

At Himavans palace Nanima is worried,Maina asks her what is wrong.Nanima says that Shiva and thiers lifestyle and beliefs are very very diffrent,they should have tried to get Parvati married to someone with a similar mind set as thiers,it will be Parvati who will be having problems later.Maina tells her that she didnt agree to the rishta for this very reason but gave her agreement once Parvati asured them that she would make Mahadev a sansarak.Maina and Nanima are told by a Daasi that the jeweller has arrived.

Parvati is being shown jewellery by the jeweller who tells her no one matches her beauty.Jaya and Vijaya begin to tease Parvati about Mahadev being a Bhairupiya who keeps changing his looks and wonder how will he come with his baraat.Parvati's face fallsUnhappy,but Nanima comes and shouts at them telling them that irrespective of which ever form Mahadev took he came as Parvatis husbandEmbarrassed(wah wah..Naniji found something nice in MahadevShockedLOL).She tells them that he will be getting the grandest most spectacular baaraat anyone has ever seen for his wedding to Parvati(Ha ha!!!LOLi just cant wait for the Moment Nani and Maina see the baarat!!!WinkOMG that will be a SIGHT!ROFL) as Parvati smiles to herself.

At Kailash everyone is served kheer from Parvatis Patra.Himvan and his amatya says they have tasted this kheer somewhere(LOL...youre daughter made itROFL),Nandi gets worried but Narad handels the situation saying that Kheer is made through the same ingredients obviously it will taste the sameROFL.

At Swarga Chakri tells Tarkasur that sources(he honestly sounds like some news broadcaster hereROFL) have told them that Mahadev and Parvati are getting married soon and they are going to be sending some of thier asurs in the Baraat as well(Dekha Srusthi they robbed youre Bin Bulae Baarati IdeaOuch).Shukracharya is pleased and says they must go,after all Mahadev is thier Isht-Dev.Tarkasur then foils a devious plan-that if the Devtas are attending the wedding they will have to come out of Dadhichis asharm and hence plots a plan to kill them on thier way to Parvatis palace.

At kailash Himavan asks Mahadev if everything was done as needed,Mahadev tells him he now is like a father to him,he being Parvatis father.Himavan fold his hands in gratitude and says even better than getting Moksha is being blessed to be a Sambandhi of Mahadev.Nanimas Chamcha points out to amatya that Mahadevs side hasnt given gifts yet,and indirectly questions Mahadev of it(can i please hit this guyAngry).Mahadev realizes and asks Nandi to give them thier side Shagun,Nandi gives them the box everyone is happily leaves.

Mahadev is sitting with his ganas,Narad and Dadhichi says that with Parvati comming Kailash is also going to have a sansaar of its own(awww...Embarrassed) and says they are going to follow all the rituals for a Sansarik wedding.He says none of them know anything about a Sansarik wedding and he asks Dadhichi to help them in that matter.Dadhichi looks equally confusedConfused when a Ladies voice comes-and guess who appears?- Devi LaxmiHug(Laxmi Ji!!!!!!!!!!!Lagta hai Cvs ne hamari Sun LiLOL).

At Himavans Palace Nanima is asking in detail of everything that happened in Kailash.Himavan is all praises and says Kailash is so beautiful nothing can describe it and Parvati is blessed to have such a Sasural.Nanima inquires about the chief guest,and Himavan tells her it was Narayan himself and it was he who did Mahadevs tilak and perfromed all duties of a brother.Nanima is pleased and asks her Chmacha to see what Mahadev has sent as Shagun-the haldi in the Shagun will be applied to Parvati.Nanimaas Chamcha opens the box and is stunned to see it having datura flowers,Bel Patra and Tigers skin in it.Nanima,Maina and Himavan come to see whats wrong,and Nanima and Maina shriek(Hey Bhagwan!D'oh).Nanima angirly asks what has Mahadevs side done,they havent sent any Haldi and have sent all of this instead,as Maina looks disgusted.Parvati realizes what it means and smiles,and attempts to tell Nanima and Maina what it is when Maina leaves in a huffConfused.

At Kailash Devi Laxmi steps forward and says that she will be guiding Mahadev through all the rituals of the wedding.After all he being part of the Tridev is family to her.She says they will begin with "nazar uttarna"(how to put it in english-removing bad influencesLOL) and will apply him a kala tikka(so cute!!!Embarrassed).Nandi says that Mahadev is God why does he need a Kala TikkaLOL,Mahadev says no-his being a devta doesnt make a diffrence they will follow all the sansarik rules of the wedding as that is what Parvati and her family wants,and her happiness will make him happy too(awww...Day Dreaming).Devi Laxmi does Aarti for Mahadev and puts him a Kaala Tikka(not an imaginary one huh!a real one!!-and boy doesnt Mohit look like a cutie!!!Blushing).Laxmi gives them the next instruction and says to send invites to everyone for them to know of Mahadev and Parvatis wedding.Dadhichi is worried about the Devtas and says that once the Devtas leave his Aashram they will be un protected and hence easy to attack by the asurs.Mahadev assures him that nothing will happen to the Devtas and that Nandi will escort them to the venue,with Nandi there no one will be able to do anything.
NANDI...*sob sob*.CryCry
Nandi is angrily standing as a shield in front of the Devtas,telling Tarkasur that he wont let anything happen to the Devtas as Mahadev as given him the responsiblity of thier protection.Tarkasur(for a change has come to fight himselfLOL) says that they wont leve anyone who comes in their way.Nandi falls to the ground shouting Mahadev,as Mahadev and Parvati both realize that Nandi is in trouble.Nandi falls lifelessCry as Mahadev opens his eyes in anger
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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 25th July 2012 Written Update

The saptarishis reaches Himavan's palace, they are received well. Rishi Atri proposes Shivji's marriage with Parvati. Himavan gladly accepts it. Parvati comes there with Jaya, Vijya. Rishi Atri gives shagun's coconut.

Rishi Dadhichi asks Himavan for Vag-dan, but he doesn't undertand. Parvati's nanima enlightens him with the process. Himavan, washes Parvati's feet with water, gives her rice, coconut, jewellary. Everyone pours flowers on her. Himavan too gives Shagun for Shivji & promises he will marry Parvati with Shivji.

The tithi is announced, Falgun month's Krishna paksh's Chaturdashi, whichi is also Shivratri. Rishi Dadhichi says after the marriage, this tithi will be known as Maha-Shivratri.

At Kailash the Saptarishis inform Shivji about the tithi, who approves it.

Nanimaa is enlightening Mena & Himavan about the Tilak vidhi. She says the gifts for Shivji, his family members & people of Kailash should not be mixed, disapperoves the gift arrangement. Paravti says she had kept them this way, will correct if immediately. Nanimaa tells Mena, it's not good, the girl who is going to get married does these arranement herself.

Nanimaa is asking her Sewak to get the detailed gossip of whatever happens during rhe Tilak vidhi & the people of Kailash.

Parvati is worried about no lady being present at Kailash, who may know about the rituals.

Naradji comes to Kailash, asks Nandi & Ganas what are they doing to welcome Parvati here? Have they done anything? Naradji asks Shivji what has he planned for his marriage? Shivji says Parvati had told him while going to his sasural he should take some gift with him & while returning also he should have something with him. She had also told him to invite his friends & relatives for the marriage. Naradji says that is for the barat, what about Tilak vidhi. Shivji expresses his ignorance about this ritual. Shivji says Kailash should be cleant, made ready for the guest's welcome & arrange gifts for them. Naradji takes that responsibality.

At Swarga,Tarakasur asks Shukracharya, why doesn't he feel peaceful at Swarga. Shukracharya says because he has taken over what belongs to someone else. Tarakasur disagrees, says it's because he is worried about Shivji's son. Devatas are secure in Dadhichi's aashram & he can't go inside to catch them.

Ganas are cleaning themselves with mud, Naradji asks them to go & take bath, Himavan is a Vaishnavite, his idea of cleanliness is different.

Himavan with the Saptarishis reaches Kailash, is welcomed by the Ganas in total chaos, Naradji comes there & handles the situation. He guides them where Shivji is sitting.

Himavan asks for shivji's permission to start the Tilak vidhi. Rishi Atri says Tilak vidhi is performed by Kanya's brother. Vishnuji appears there, as Parvati's brother in the same dress as he had met Parvati. Himavan is surprised seeing him like this. Vishnuji asks Shivji what does he think about his attire. Shivji says he likes him in all his roop. Among the mantrochhar by the Saptarishis Vishnuji applys tilak & invites Shivji to Himavan's palace to marry Parvati. He agrees. Himavan & the Saptarishis applys tilak on Shivji's forehead. Himavan's Amatya says they have got some gifts for the Ganas & Pretas. Nanadi stops the ganas from taking the gifts immediately. Amataay laughs seeing this & Nanimaa's sewak is shocked.

Himavan thanks Shivji for their welcome & ask him to come with the barat. Shivji asks everyone to have bhojan before leaving. He asks Nandi to arrange for the food. Nandi takes the Ganas to arrange for their food.

Precap: Nanimaa is telling Mena, marriage should be arranged with people whose life style is similar to theirs. Paravti is worried about any problem occurring at Kailash.

Nandi with the Ganas is trying to cook food. Himavan & others are already waiting for bhojan. Nanimaa's sewak tells Himavan, there is no arrangement for their food. Shivji says he will go & check.
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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 24th July 2012 Written Update

Parvati feeds Kheer to Shivji, wipes his face with her saree. He says, eating this food, he is as satisfied as, after doing his long tapasya. Food cooked by a Grihini gives big satisfaction to a Grihastha. Parvati says then get married to her & make her his Grihani. She assures him, not to worry about his Parent's Moksh, she will explain to them about their duties.

Shivji is surprised, how did she read his mind. Parvati says as a Guru, you only had made me realize Aadi Shakti. She is aware of her duties for the Welfare of the World as Aadi Shakti.

Shivji praises Parvati for solving such the toughest problem which was worrying Tridev so easily, this is the speciality of a Grihani. Nandi comes to ask Shivji when will they go back to Kailash. Seeing Kheer, he feels tempted, asks Shivji how was the kheer? Shivji says it is very tasty. Parvati gives a pot of Kheer to Shivji, tells Nandi to give it to all the Ganas. Enlightening Shivji about the rituals Parvati says, while coming to Sasural he should not come empty handed & while going too he should have something with him. Shivji looks at the pot given by Parvati.

Mena is worried about the Brahmin's words. Himavan tells her not to doubt the decision of Parvati's marriage. This may be a hinderance in their Moksh.But Mena still has doubts, will Parvati be happy there? She can not stop worrying about her daughter for Moksha

At Kailash Shivji assures Indra, Parvati will take care of Himavan. Whatever she says will be done too. He tells Devatas to have kheer given by Parvati before leaving. Indra says looking at the size of the pot,this much kheer not sufficient to feed all of them. Shivji tells him this pot is not an ordinary pot, this is the Annapurna's patra, which will never be empty inspite of feeding the entire World. He tells Nandi to distribute the Kheer, everyone eats it happily.

Himavan meets Parvati, tells him not to get affected by that Brahmin's words. Her mother has some doubts but he is confident of her marriage with Shivji. He asks her has that Brahmin left? Parvati tells him he was none other then Shivji. Himavan is surprised. Parvati says Shivji had come to put some doubt in his mind by doing his own ninda, so they can not get the Moksh. Only Shivji can do his ninda. Himavan asks her the reason, as it is everyone's final aim to attain Moksha. Parvati says there are some very essential factors, needed in the World. If the main important aspects like Ocean, Sun etc will forget their responsibality & wish for Moksh, then this World will be destroyed. For the welfare of the World only shivji did his own ninda. Himavan understands, he tells Pravti even if he does her Kanyadan without any doubt, Mena is doubtful. So her Kanyadan will not result in their Moksh.

Himavan & Mena are expecting the arrival of Mena's mother. He asks Mena has her mother calmed down or she is still hot tempered like before. Mena says she may be getting angry soon but is good at heart.

Mena's mother arrives. Himavan welcomes her, saying she is an expert in all the rituals, will be of great help in this marriage. But in return he has to listen her words of finally getting some time from all the wars for his family. Jaya, Vijaya too are not spared by her. She fears about their influence on Parvati.

Parvati welcomes her Nanimaa, by touching her feet, says she was collecting flowers for welcoming her. Seeing her & the garland made by those flowers, Nanimaa is impressed, finds Parvati's upbringing perfect. She taunts Heem Naresh about getting time for her daughter's upbringing & him being Punyashali for getting a daughter like Parvati.
Parvati presses her Nanimaa's feet. Himavan praises Parvati for handling her Nanimaa well. Mena jokingly tells him, her mother behaves according to the person she is with. Nanimaa asks Parvati about Shivji. Parvati feels shy, making her Nanimaa happy, who feels being shy is a girls ornament. She tells Parvati, will ask Himavan in detail about her Jamata.

At Kailash Shivji tells the Saptarishis, now the time has come for approaching Parvati's father for their marriage. Are they ready for this? He tells rishi Dadhichi he is needed too. Rishi Atri says, they had promised Parvati about that. Rishi kashyap says there is something still required. Rishi Bhrigu says they should take some gift with them. Shivji says Parvati has told him about such formalities. He raises his hand, many paltes filled with fruits & sweets appears, says now they can proceed.

Precap: Saptarishis meet Himavan with the marriage proposal, who welcomes them. Falgun month's Krishna paksh's Chaturdashi is the auspicious day for this marriage. Marriage preparations have started. Himavan gives a gift for Shivji. The Saptarishis tells Shivji at Kailash about the marriage tithi, who approves. Rishi Dadhichi says this day will be known as Maha-Shivratri in the World.
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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 23rd July 2012 Written Update

At Kailash

All the devtas are present including Lord Vishnu n Lord Brhma, in order to
persuade Mahadev to find a way out of this helplessness

Vishnuji informs Shiva that,after Parvathi's kanyadan is done Himvan n Menavati would instantly get Moksh (Liberation) "
Shiva says "That is good for him."
Vishnuji explains that " if that happens the earth will be in a great trouble.It will be deprived of the great Himalayan ranges,the mountains,the rivers n lakes...the earth will suffer severely.The earth is already suffering due to wicked Tarkasur. "

Rishi Narad reasons "what exactly do we all propose?Do we all stop Shiv n Parvathi's marriage or not letting Himvan n Mena do the kanyadan? "

Devraj Indr says "In order to kill Tarkasur ,your marriage is essential."
Nandi utters "But ,only after conducting the kanyadan a marriage is said to be complete!"

Lord Vishnu finds a middle way saying that,if one does the kanyadan ritual in doubt n halfheartedness it is not counted as complete..if kanyadan stays incomplete it may hinder the moksha process.

Lord Brhma suggest that all this is possible by marring Shiva's image in front of Himvan.

Nandi retorts saying that now they expect Shiva to self deprecate himself?

Guru Brihaspati says that" Shiva's disparage can be done only by Shiva himself...hearing Mahadev's criticize Menavati n Himvan will become a bit more confounded and will carry the kanyadan ritual with doubt..tha would result to there incapability of attaining liberation. "

Everybody from the deva's side are relived on hearing this.

But Mahadev's followers Gann n prayt opposite this idea..and asks Maadev to reject this proposal.
All the gann n prayt cry loud words of disapproval.

Shiva gestures them to stay calm.

Shiva explains to his followers that" Narayan n all the devtas have come here for the purpose of betterment of the world.. duty for the world is way beyond things like liberation...for instance if suppose Yamraj or Sagar (God of the oceans ) start thinking of attaining moksh it then wont there by any barrier in the nourishment of this world?"

He further continues "People with special positions cannot escape from their duties.And Himavan is one of them,thus i'll make Himavan n Menavati uneasy n create a sense of doubt towards me."

Nandi again retorts questioning "If this thing gets over boarded and if they disapprove to Mata Parvathi n your marriage?"

Mahadev explains him yet another time "Fearing personal lose or doubting the result one cannot evade the welfare of this world.Welfare of this world is more than the marriage. "


At Himvan's place:

Himvan says his thanks to Vishnuji for showing him the right direction for Parvathi n Shiva' marriage...that would lead them to the path of liberation...he informs that they are soon leaving for Kailash...he prays that all things should go smoothly.

Everything is set for the shagun ceremony..they take tons of jewellery,precious jewels,cloths..sweets...other eatables etc to the Kailash.

Parvathi is very excited and is instructing everyone to do arrangements perfectly.
Himvan n Menavati enters and are equally excited to see all this...

Parvathi asks her father to see that is there anything left in the preparations...Himvan says that she knows about Kailash n ppl at Kailash more than anyone..

HImvan inquires about Menavati's mother's arrival,as she is the one who knows all about marriage n every single ritual attached to it...Mena says that she will be reaching anytime.


At the Swarg lok:

Tarkasur is having his drink..when the real shockker comes..LOL

(Supper scene this was..i literally jumped outta my bedLOL)

Changu,Mangu n Tingu i.e the three asur sons of Takki are wearing the saffron robs like those of Shiv bhkts...

Tarkasur freaks out ..all his nasha has went off LOL
Tarkasur "what the heck is this..what's this new drama..."

Mangu says "Father ,this attire has now become our reality..."
Changu says "Father,we have come here to take your permission!"

Tarkasur asks for details...

Changu says "we three are leaving for the woods,for Shiv aradhna.."
Tarkasur is perturbed...n bases them saying that if they dnt listen to him he would kill them...LOL

Changu replies "Oh Great,at least by this way we would die n attain moskh."

Takki lifts his sword and puts it at changu's neck!

Shukracharay stops Takki from killing his own sons...saying that Shiva's prayers have been a significant part of there lives as they have been given many boons by him..and it is a good thing if they wanted to do this.

They leave the places paying there respect to there father and Shukracharya..

Takki is skeptic about the havish effects.

Takki calls Chakri and orders him to stop all those havans that are taking place on his sons n his names.


AT Himvan's place :

They are still preparing for the shagun n wedding ceremony's

Himvan inquires about Parvathi..Mena says that the bride is forbidden to come in front when Shagun is to be taken to the grooms place ..

"What ruinous thing are you going to do?" A voice cries
A Brhman along with his sevak appear on the doorstep of the palace...
(It was Shiva along wid Nandi)

Himvan n Mena are like wearing who would that be? expressionLOL

Sevak "Being a Vishnav how could you do sucha thing? to stop such immoral thing my guru has come.. "

MEnavati mumbles"who are these people..talking all ill stuff at this auspicious hour..'

Sevak shouts "What are standing here for,wont you arrange for a proper seat for my guru?"

Both the guru n sevak keep this angry n plum expression...Star

They arrange a decent seat for the Brhman dev..and ask how could they help him>

Brhman guru "Being a Vishnav you are gonna marry your daughter to Shiv,I dont agree with this proposal! "

HImvan tries to sort ..only being cut by the Brhman dev from further justifications..
Then the brhman guru (aka Shiva) bashes n says all things ill about Shiva..
Brhaman guru says that"How could you marry your daughter to a person who is horrible looking,who has no family neither does he has a proper kull (cast)"

The brhman warns that if he married his daughter to Shiva his own kull (sect or cast) will banish/shun him...

Jaya n Vijaya feel disgusted and inform Parvathi about this..

Parvathi thinks for a while and realizes that its her Mahadev...then she asks her friends to come along with her to the kitchen to make some kheer for the brhman devta.

He even adds that Shiva was responsible for Sati's fatal death n Daksha's beheading...adding to the insult a goat's head was fixed to his body...

Himvan explains him that they have personally met Daksha and have come to know that he was at fault,but not Shiva.
The brhman guru aka our dear Mahadev continues with his self bashing session full swing..and doesnt notice Parvathi coming..b

where as Nandi sees his mata coming in their direction and is helpless as he couldn't stop Mahadev from ceasing his talk.

As he speaks out saying against about his own self..he spots Parvathi coming..and he instantly stops his rant..

He was like Shocked,surprised n happy all at a timeLOL

Mohit-was has once again proved his talent...glycerin ya great looks ki zaroorat nai..let the talent do all the talkingStarClap

Shiva now kinda composed himself seeing his future wife...Nandhi n his Bholenath had this expression of Chori pakdigayaLOL

Himvan clears that Sri Hari Vishnu himself has suggested this marriage...

Parvathi invites Brhman guru to have some kheer...Mahadev could just nods his head to her invitation.

Nandi and Mahadev gesture each other by their eyes..Nandi tells Mahadev to go ahead n manage things..I toh I'm to embarrassed which Mahadev gestures that its ok I'll manageLOL

Parvathi is like..aooa ooo ab toh kair nai aapki expression!@

Nandi stays back to give them some privacyLOL aww so sweet

Parvathi puts some kheer in a bowl in front of Mahadev and asks him to eat...
Lolz excellent scene...ROFL

As Mahadev tries to have the kheer Parvathi picks at him saying "Things that you where meant to fail to do it,..and you jumped outta nowhere over here,where your supposed to come only after the wedding!?"
Parvathi was taking ops already taking her hubby's class and he like a dutiful husband (may be practicing for the futureLOL) listens to every word of her with patience n utter sincerity! ROFL

She lovingly scolds him ...then he puts the bowl of kheer down on the table...n listens to his pouting wife.LOL aww chooo cuteee

Parvathi "ahh, you have done enough Jagat kalayn for now,..think about your own kalyan now!! As your own marriage (kalyan) is important for the betterment of this world...Think of me at least."

He looks at her with innocent eyes..kinda bheegi billi expression...he wont dare say a word in front of his pouting wife.Wink

She again asks him to continue eating the kheerLOL
Poor he pores the whole thing into the plate...and tries to eat it with his hands...only to be interrupted by her non stop chatter..

This time she asks him about who all is he gonna with him on the wedding..

Lolz Mahadev jokes bhee marte haiiLOL ok read on.

He is kinda boggled hearing that and replies "Who all..what do you mean by that..IT MY WEDDING ParvathiLOL "

Now devi Parvathi teaches him about rituals n stuff...

Parvathi lovingly explains"As part of the tradition,a groom brings along him, his family,relatives n friends..its inevitable in a social marriage."

Shiva listens to her with utter care...Day Dreaming
Parvathi "And what have you turned yourself into? just come back to your original form."

Mahadev comes back to his original avtar...and advances to go..

Parvathi now stops him...and feeds him the kheer with her own hands..oh this was ur Idea...ahem ahemLOL

Then Parvathi umm actually she doesn't speak out,...but her words are heard loud conveying the messgae to Mahadev that
He need not worry about her parents Moksh ...even after her kanyadan they would forever stay back on earth



Saptarishi are at Kailash and Mahadev requests them to take the marriage proposal to Parvathi's parents (as in officially n traditionally!)

Rishi Dhadhich announces the tithi of their marriage which is Phalkung mass- Krishnpaksh ki Chaturti,,,which will be celebrated as ShivRaatri in the future
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